Hello from the Pragmatic Environmentalist

Hello! Here’s a little information about me and how I became the Pragmatic Environmentalist.


Environmentalist Inspiration – Madawaska River

The Environmentalist Start

I grew up in Beacon Hill which is a small suburb of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. In Grade 12, I took a geography course that focused on environmentalist topics and found my calling. I decided to continue my education in environmental engineering since I thought learning how to fix environmental issues would be the best way to save the world!

The Rocky Middle

After finishing my degree, I started working for a small consulting firm and quickly learned that you can lead a fish to water but it does not mean that it will swim! Many great ideas are not adopted because people just don’t want to change. So, I thought a masters of arts in integrated studies focusing on leadership and work organization would help me learn how to influence behaviour and create environmentalists. But it’s hard to convince people to give up comfortable lifestyles for environmentalist reasons. And besides, is this fair? I haven’t given up my lifestyle either. There are things in this world… like driving fast cars… that are a lot of fun but that are not so great for the environment.

The Pragmatic Finish

The last straw that helped me realize that pragmatism was the best way to embrace environmentalist ideas was when I started to work in manufacturing. Steps to improving our impact on the environment had to be:

  1. Easy
  2. Cheap or better yet free and
  3. Good for the bottom line

Some people are never going to believe the environment needs our help or that environmentalists help people. So, I’m going to try to fit other priorities in with those of environmentalists. Let’s see if it works!

Please visit www.btcenvironmental.ca for more information on how the Pragmatic Environmentalist can help your organization combine priorities!