The Story on Eco-Colonialism

On Thursday January 4, 2018 the Financial Post published an article on eco-colonialism. The article states that, “Indigenous Communities say they have had enough of environmental activists invading their lands, misleading them about their agendas and using hard-line tactics against those who don’t agree” (Claudia Cattaneo). The Northern Gateway pipeline is cancelled. This is a win for the environmentalists. But not necessarily for the local communities. They could have benefited from potential investments from the pipeline.

A Pragmatic Viewpoint

It is true that many environmentalist organizations have told local communities what they think is best. Because what works in Canada should work all over the world. Wrong! This attitude is eco-colonialism. Instead we need to investigate what would work best for those communities. For example, say a local community lives off their members hunting. Then hunting should take place in national parks for that community. We need to work together. Because it shouldn’t be the environment against humans or vice versa.

The Solution on Eco-Colonialism

The article doesn’t mention any other energy solutions. Maybe this is the problem with environmentalists. We don’t always realize that if we are not going to go forward with something then we need an alternative. The world needs to keep moving. Now the local community is working on another pipeline to bring funding to their communities. Hopefully the environment is considered. Time will tell.

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