Other Pragmatic Pages

I wasn’t sure what to write about this week and so I did a search on the pragmatic environmentalist online. I found a whole bunch of other blogs and pages and thought I would share them with you today:

Pragmatic Environmentalism at http://pragmaticenvironmentalism.com

Although Brenda is no longer posting to her blog she’s organized many of her favourite posts in categories. This makes it easy to find whatever you want.

Pragmatic Environmentalist of New York at https://pragmaticenvironmentalistofnewyork.blog/

This blog outlines 9 principles with respect to pragmatic environmentalism.

A Chemist in Langley at https://achemistinlangley.net/2015/05/09/on-being-a-modern-pele-a-pragmatic-environmentalist-lukewarmer-ecomodernist/

This blog easily defined pragmatic environmentalism as well as other terms that are difficult to define. I particularly like this line, “The do not understand how the petrochemical industry underpins their every daily activity from the cell phone in their hand, to the gortex jacket on their backs to the polypropylene socks that keep their feet dry, to the medicines they take to get better when sick.”

Happy reading!