ISO 14001 Certification

Not everyone agrees that certification to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) Standard is necessary for good environmental performance. An EMS formalizes a company’s sustainability goals to continuously improve their environmental impact. But there are many benefits to having a formal EMS certified to the ISO 14001 Standard. Here are some of the top reasons for certifying an EMS.


The benefits of a certified ISO 14001 EMS are:

  1. Improve public image
  2. Diminish the chance of expensive litigation and fines
  3. Develop health and safety performance
  4. Enhance employee engagement
  5. Reduce operation and maintenance costs
  6. Make a real difference in environmental impact
  7. Increases competitive advantage

A company with a certified ISO 14001 EMS considers corporate social responsibility. As a result priorities are more than just profits. In addition having other priorities help enhance employee engagement as well.

Without proper procedures and records, it’s difficult to prove that the company is abiding by all the relevant legislation. Consequently does a company know what legislation is relevant without a procedure to keep up-to-date on new laws?

An example of how health and safety is impacted is through reducing air emissions. By reducing volatile organic compounds and isocyanates, we also reduce the likelihood of poor health through chemical inhalation. Seems like considering the environment can improve your health!

Reducing energy and water consumption cuts operation costs and regular preventative maintenance reduce maintenance costs. And when competing on government standing offers and large contracts, a third party certified EMS to the ISO 14001 standard can give a company more points on a technical proposal. Therefore a company can have a competitive edge with a formal EMS.

Third-Party Certification

Of course, most of these benefits can be done without a third party certified ISO 14001 EMS. Consequently some corporations self-certify. This means they confirm without an independent third-party audit that they meet the requirements of ISO 14001.

A third-party certification is independent, objective and proves to the public that a company truly considers the environment in business. Also, a company can’t get extra points on a technical proposal without third-party certification. And it’s not hard to be third-party certified. BTC Environmental can audit your company’s Environmental Management System to ensure you are able to be third-party certified. Email us today!